Saturday, December 20, 2008

Major Drama Problems on Thursday Evening!

Well, I guess I really should be thankful on Thursday night that I had a place to lay my head down and didn't fall on my bottom and break a leg. It was major drama folks on Thursday evening. First, the weather center channel was calling for a bad ice storm and sure enough they were right. About 4p.m. it started freezing rain/drizzle. So pretty much when I went to get in my car after work at about 6p.m. the windshields were covered in an 1" of ice.
I got on my cell phone and called LH-one of my cousins and she said she was not going to be home. I'm like, are you serious? I told/asked myself. I didn't really want to spend like 3 hours shopping nor 3 hours with her husband DH by myself. I didn't think that would look good. So I called CC and asked him if I could check in to a motel. So sure enough, that's what I did. I went to check in at a motel. Not to mention that it was icy still and freezing rain and it was a mess outside. So I got a room and the room I stayed in was not in the main building. They had another building that was part of the motel, but I had to drive to the other building which was not too far away.
So, when I got ready to get into the other building of the motel I had to walk up steps. Lo and behold, I about fell down on the ice before getting up the steps because it was so icy and I about fell on the steps too. Not to mention I was trying to walk up the steps with a big duffel bag I had filled up with a weeks supply clothing. Finally, I got into my room and there was a window with a blind. I opened the blind up and realized there was another entrance. I thought to myself, maybe it wouldn't be as slick over on this other side. So while talking to Sunshine, I got the idea of doing exactly that-parking on the side closer to my room.
Before I moved my car again, I had not ate anything as of 6:30p.m. So I told Sunshine that I would be leaving the motel room and driving over to a Steak 'N' Shake close by. That's exactly what I did. When I got over there to the restaurant, it was slick on the roads already. I'm like this is nuts. So I went inside and not to mention I was already flustered by all the major drama that took place before I got into the restaurant-LH not being home, almost falling down on my bottom due to icy conditions, etc. I didn't realize there was a sign-PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED. So instead of waiting and not seeing the sign, I decided to seat myself-woops! But I did. I pretty much embarrassed myself, but I guess it all worked out okay.
After I ate, I went back to my motel room. When I got back inside, I had a dilemma in the bathroom. I pretty much plugged the toilet up so to say. It took me like 6 times to flush the darn thing, because I plugged it up. I'm like for pete lands, are you serious. I thought I was going to have to call the main office and say "Housekeeping, I need a plunger down in room so and so with a toilet plugged up", "could you get a plunger to come fix it". But that wasn't necessary.
Anyway, overall, I had a good time staying in the motel room by myself. I got to watch cable until midnight which was a highlight. I hope you enjoyed the major drama story of Thursday Evening!! Hope it was an enjoyable drama story!

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"Sunshine" said...

Great story! I love how you express your frustration even while retelling it :) P.S. I have to say, that was a pretty funny evening.