Saturday, December 27, 2008

Caught in the Mist of Another Ice Storm on Tuesday!

Hey there blogspot fans,
I was caught in another ice storm on Tuesday! I woke up at home and to my surprise while getting ready for work and drying my hair, my sister, SC yelled to me from upstairs "Hey RC, you better get going, it's freezing rain and sleeting right now". Pretty sure, she was right-SC was. It had already been freezing rain and sleeting. So I hurried up and finished getting ready. I had to take my bags outside still too. Finally I got ready to leave. When I pulled out of the garage, it was a mess outside already. I decided to take the country roads to work, which probably was not the greatest idea. I made it to the highway and I'm like oh man, I knew it was really bad because the people on the Interstate were going really slow. Plus I saw someone in a jeep on the highway that braked and they started fishtaling. So yeah, I knew it was pretty bad. Then I got into town in Eff. and I got to a stop sign and I could not stop. My antilock brakes took in effect and they would not make me stop. It was bad. Fortunately, no one was coming or I would have been in a wreck. Thank goodness.
Later on thru the day it finally stopped freezing rain. But it started to turn over to just rain. Not to mention there was already ice on the ground from the freezing rain. Anyway, to make a long story short, I about fell getting to my car after I got out of work. I had to scrape the ice off my car too. In accomplishing that, I ended up getting my socks and shoes wet from the rain puddles, not to mention I was standing on ice patches too where the freezing rain hit earlier. I forgot to mention that I called my cousin again-LH-to see if she and her husband were going to be home. That was around 5:00 before I had to clock out from my job. She said no, that they were at another party. I'm like "Are you Serious?" "For Real?" At that point, I'd pretty much given up on going to their house that night AGAIN. So I just decided to find another motel room for myself. I stayed in Super 8 Motel this time. It was nicer then the other one I stayed in before. Plus I didn't have to wallk upstairs outside. They did have stairs, but they were inside the building. They also had more channels on cable tv. Thank goodness. I love cable tv. It's pretty awesome. I was able to watch Illini play their basketball Braggin' Rights. They one which was cool too. Anyway, it was one of those days where it turned out to be okay. I can't complain too much, because I had a place to lay my head down again and I was by myself again too. I might like it so much in staying in these motel rooms, I might want to do it everytime. Well, everyone take care. Talk to you all later.

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